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By Marsha Brick

A featured news story this week news was about furniture coming out of China being delayed due to the Coronavirus. The stores are not sure when the products will arrive, and delays could up to four to six month or more.

The suppliers I use are primarily Canadian, so this delay is not having any effect on them. The orders I place are coming as normal. Hypnos Mattresses is two to four weeks; bedroom, dining, occasional tables and entertainment consoles arrive from six to eight weeks. Upholstery sofas and chairs are delivered from eight to twelve weeks.

The wood used in our Canadian products is wood that is grown in Canada. It is dried here so that it is able to withstand our climate. The woods that Durham Furniture use are Cherry, Maple and Ash; there is no veneer, it is all solid wood. Bermex uses birch to make their products. Brentwood Classics uses a solid hardwood frame to make their sofas, sectionals, chairs and ottoman.

By using these manufacturers, we are keeping the Canadian plants in business providing jobs for Canadians, starting with the people who harvest the trees and plant more trees for the future. Then there are the individuals who mill the wood in an environment friendly and energy efficient way. The wood is dried so that so that it will be able to be used to make beautiful furniture that will last for decades.

There are the designers who come up with new and contemporary ideas and as well traditional styles that are timeless. They give these designs to the craftsmen who have been

making furniture for years and take pride in their work.

A good example is the construction of the dovetail joints in the drawers from Durham Furniture. The finish processes include applying the stains to attaching the hardware. Then comes the inspection, boxing and sending the finished product to the retailer.

This is when I call you and tell your furniture has arrived and we arrange for delivery.

Every step along this journey is done by are fellow Canadians and this way we keep jobs in Canada.




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