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By Marsha Brick

I am going to describe more of the procedures in making the Hypnos Mattresses and Box Spring. The delivery time will be increasing from 2 to 4 weeks to 4 to 6 weeks as Hypnos has shut down production for 2 weeks because of the Coronavirus. No one at Hypnos has the virus and this a proactive measure to ensure the safety of their product.

My store is by appointment and I am the only person working; I have not left the country in the last 5 months. I will be working reduced hours and I will only have one to two appointments per day with no overlap so I can clean in-between. I will be checking my emails often so email me at or phone and leave a message.

If you have previously been in and have now decided on ordering I can do it on the phone or by email if you would rather stay home.

Now back to describing how Hypnos makes its box spring. They use actual 2x4’s. The wood is harvested from Canada and the northern United States. This gives the box spring extra strength to support their mattresses. That is why they insist that you must purchase their box

spring for their warranty.

Hypnos Mattresses are made with all natural materials, which keeps this bed cool at night. With these beds you will not have dust mites and mold. This is great with people who have allergies. As well they have no memory foam which gets hot and conforms to your body.

Hypnos is a double-sided mattress that lets you sleep where you want on the bed. You do have to turn and flip it on a regular basis just like changing your car tires for winter and summer. This mattress has a 10 year warranty which is double that of most mattresses in the market place.

Take care of your self; and let’s hopeeverything goes back to normal.

Those who have time please take the time to help a senior or neighbour get groceries and other supplies.



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