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By Marsha Brick

I was in Edmonton last weekend until Tuesday this week. On Monday I had arranged to go to Hypnos and see how they make their mattresses and box springs. When I walked in there was sign at the front desk welcoming me. I felt special. The people I have been talking to on the

phones for years came up to greet me. Alanna who works in office; Marten who is the controller. He also is a foodie, so we have many interesting discussions. Then I went to see Tony the vice president and my ‘’go to’’ person at Hypnos with questions and for information.

Tom, the operations manager, gave me a tour of their showroom that featured both brands of mattresses they make. We then went to the factory and Tom and Katrina showed me all the different natural materials that go into making their products.

All the layers of filling wool, cotton and wool and cotton air bond are quilted together with the fabric of the mattress on top; this is done for both sides. The quilting on the side panels is done either by machine or by hand. This is checked by May so that every square meets Hypnos standards. When I was there she showed me a small flaw and then corrected it. May makes

every handle and attaches them herself. In the last six months The Castle series added air vents on the sides. The two layers of the mattress topping are placed top and bottom on the pocket coil springs and the sides are attached; they are then placed in a machine that stands up the mattress. Tufting rosettes are then put on one at a time each depending on what was requested; soft, medium or firm to achieve the required tension. Danny, who does that job, and May who inspects have been working with Hypnos for over 12 years and really enjoy their work. Both took pride in their work and wanted to show the quality of the work that goes into making a Hypnos mattress.

I will tell more about what I saw next week.

Those who want to know about Izzy; she is adorable.



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