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By Marsha Brick

Last week a designer called looking for table pads. Table pads protect your table from scratches and heat transfer marks from hot dishes. The bottom is felt and the top is

heavy duty easy wipe vinyl. They are available in several wood tone shades to match the finish of your table. They are held together with magnets.

When I went to contact the supplier, I discovered they were no longer in business. I then went looking to find another manufacturer. I found two good ones. One in Canada and one in the US; I spoke to both companies to see who had best product.

Both companies have a good product and have both been around a long time. The next thing

to determine was the price. The US product seemed to be a better price, until you add exchange, shipping, brokering and duty. The Canadian product is just cost, taxes and shipping. This company also did work for Willson Furniture when they were still around. I was also able to talk to one of the Willson former designers who told me that it was a good product.

It was great having table pads when we were younger. We would build puzzles with my parents on the dining room table covered with table pads. We would layout all the pieces of the puzzle and the box with the picture and start making the puzzle. Sometimes it would take a couple of days depending how many pieces were in the puzzle.

When we had to do homework or a group project we would use the dining room table, again, with the table pads. This way we would not scratch the table with our pens and any other equipment we were using.

One thing I remember as child was my parents playing bridge and cribbage at the table with pads on, and having snacks and drinks. If you are interested, they can come in many different sizes and can be custom made for your table’s individual shape and size. Makes for worry free entertaining.



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