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By Marsha Brick

Playoff season and Winnipeg is going to show the NHL how to get behind the home team. Bell

MTS Place will be a full whiteout, this is what we have become famous for since our entry into

the NHL.

Other cities may copy this, but we are original and know how to do it best. Then there is our

Winnipeg Jet Whiteout Street Party outside. Fun for players and fans. When the Jets are playing in St. Louis, there will be a Winnipeg whiteout viewing party at Bell MTS Place. We waited so long for the return of our beloved Jets. Making the playoff’s last year was a dream come true. This year we are excited that the Jets made it back into the playoff number 2 in the central division.

The last time we played St. Louis in the regular season was back in November when Patrick Laine scored 5 goals in one game and someone from Winnipeg won $1,000,000.00. The Jets know

how to win and now most members of the team have playoff experience. Let’s hope they go far.


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