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By Marsha Brick

Today I am on my way North Carolina for the Furniture Market. I am excited to see what is new this year; and meet some of my new sales representatives. One of our lines usually change their rep every market; some retire, some change companies and some are new to the


There are also new companies to check out with new items that catch your eye. There are also items I am on the lookout for my clients, as well as for the store.

I usually find different and interesting items that are new to the market. When I come back refreshed and excited I will tell about some in the next couple of weeks.

There are many Canadian companies showing at the market. Bermex, from Louisville, Quebec

have their building there with many of their sister companies. They also offer wonderful meals to their clients, bringing a chef from Montreal. There is usually some entertainment with dinner.

Brentwood Classics has a lovely showroom with the owner who started the business. His daughter is involved with design and has brought many new and interesting product developments into the company. Can’t wait to see what she has in store for us this market.

Then there is Durham Furniture and their other division, Perfect Balance. In the last 5 years, Durham Furniture have added so many new and fresh ideas to their lines. One of the biggest is all the stain options. I know they have added more again. I am looking to add some pieces to my store with these finishes. Durham was bought out over 5 years ago by these young guys; whose first order of business was to keep everyone. They dropped the series that was not doing well. They added some more contemporary style series and added more finishes. These finishes were also added to pieces in older series. An example would be Chateau Fontaine. It originally came in one finish and only one hardware option; now it has over 40 finish options and 2 choices for hardware.



Marsha Brick owns

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