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Good Night Sleep

By Marsha Brick

Summer is ending, school is restarting and back to work and hopefully activities restarting. We are all in need of a good night's sleep. This year like no other has taken a toll on all of us and caused many a sleepless night.

We have all stayed home and worried about family and friends in these trying times. One way to help yourself deal with this is having a proper night sleep.

The Hypnos Mattress that I sell, has many ways to help you with your sleep.

First. there are all natural products used in making this mattress; cotton, wool in all varieties of their mattress with some featuring silk or cashmere or both. With these products you won't have mould or dust mites. Also this mattressis flippable; you turn your mattress and also flip your mattress- double the wear and comfort. Each Mattress is made to order in Edmonton to specifications of Hypnos from England. The mattresses are made with pocket coils giving extra support and have a edge guard so that you can sleep to the edge of the bed with support. There is very little motion transfer in these beds so if your partner comes home late he/she won't waken you.

These beds stay cool at night, because they have no memory foam.

What is memory foam? - it is a foam the conforms to your body shape, gets hot and encourages mould and dust mites. It also becomes uncomfortable over time and makes it difficult for you to change your sleep position.

Hypnos mattresses come twin, double, queen and king sizes - as well as Zip'n'Lock King for those who have narrow a staircase or small hallway that can not fit a king size bed. Hypnos will also make custom size bed with a small upcharge; they are able to do this as every bed is made to order.

To come and tryout these mattresses give me a call at 204-957-1211 or email to setup appointment so that I can show you this great product.

Lets all stay safe and lower the curve so that we all get back to seeing our families.



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