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Losing Family

By Marsha Brick

The these three months have taken a told; I have had to deal with 3 deaths. None of these was Covid-19, but because of covid-19 it made the situation difficult.

In the first case my aunt in Toronto became sick and was placed in hospital and her family was unable to see her; my cousin fought to get her treatment and being able to be with her when the doctor was coming to discuss her options. He was able to meet with doctor and get his mom some treatment and improve her quality of life and able to bring her home and die with her family with her.

Next was cousin in Winnipeg, whose children live in the states where unable to come with all the covid-19 restrictions, there for I was with him after he was admitted to Riverview. The first 2 weeks I was the only visitor aloud, away two weeks his brother was aloud. Fews, weeks later he was transfer to a nursing home and passed away 16 days later, again only the two visitors the same two only. He was unable to see other family and life long friends.

My daughter grandma, she had not been feeling good for over a month was unable to see a doctor for over month just over the phone and nurse contract in the assisted living residence. They then sent her to Victoria hospital for a tests. Before she even had her test they determine her oxygen level where too low and admitted right away. No visitor aloud and after getting tested was diagnoses stage 4 cancer with very short time live. My daughter father had to fight so that he and her grandchildren could see her and say goodbye in person. He was able to get each a visit. He was also able be with her when see pass away. The hospital did arrange a couple of zoom call so that the family could be together with her so that she could see everyone.

Having seen what happening with people in the health care system, and how hard everyone is working to keep everyone safe. It is hard on them as they feel for the families and keeping people away to do there best to keep Covid-19 out of health facility.

I have been not on top of everything, work wise, as I have been there for family. If you have connect me recently I am playing catch-up will get back to you shortly or email again or phone.

Please stay home and lets bring down the curve so that next year we can all be together again and enjoy the holidays.



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