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I am Back

The last couples of months I have a family relative who was sick and dying of cancer; and I spent a lot of time with him. With Covid-19 his children were unable to come and see him; they talked to him daily couple of times a day and facetimed him. They both live in the states and if they had come, they would have self-isolate for 14 days before they could see him and then 14 days when they return home. With both their states being a hot bed for Covid-19 the risk of them being exposed was high and to protect themselves and their father they made the tough decision to stay home. I picked up the responsibility of managing his care here.

While he was at home he had extra help with home care and some cleaning; I would help out with some shopping and taking him to some of his appointments and running errands. As his health declined he went to Riverview. The staff at Riverview was great and tried to see if they could get him well enough to go back home. When he was there I would go everyday to help, he was being very fussy with his food and would only eat breakfast there every day.

With Lunch and Dinner he would only eat Riverview food about 2 to 3 times a week the rest of the time I would bring food that he would eat. He also had a sweet tooth and only wanted certain candy, chocolates and sweets; I would go and get his favorites.

When the decision was made that he could not go home, he was then place in a nursing home and I would go everyday but one for the 2 weeks he was there. Then I got the call from the nursing home to come as he had taken a turn and it didn’t look good, I called his kids right away and his brother that live here and ran to go to be with him. His brother showed up and stay for short time and left. His kids facetimed and said goodbye and I stayed with him and kept my promise he would not die alone.

I would like to Thank both the staff at Riverview and Simkin Centre for all the care they gave him under these trying times they went above and beyond.

I have not been on top of my work for the last little while, I am back and those of you wanting to see and tryout the Hypnos Mattress call me to book appointment 204-957-1211. I have two models on display at Interior Illusions. I will gladly set-up appointment and let you see the advantage of this mattress. Each mattress is made to order in Edmonton, and all-natural product. With choices of firmness, Soft, Medium and Firm. Different models with mores layer of comfort made with pocket coils.

For those looking for sofa and chairs check out the Brentwood Classics website Great Canadian company from Vaughan, Ontario which is family run. For beautiful bedroom furniture in many different styles from contemporary to traditional and lots of stain options; there is Durham Furniture in Durham, Ontario been making solid wood furniture for over 120 years. Website

I am here to answer your questions and will find you the right product for your needs call 204-957-1211 or email



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