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Canada Day

By Marsha Brick

This past Wednesday was Canada Day. I got to together with 4 friends to celebrate the day. We kept our social distancing and had a good time visiting and having dinner. We talked about the fact there were no fireworks this year. Through on the way home I saw a few going off. I know my mother would sit on her balcony and watch the fireworks from the Forks; it was a real highlight for her.

One of my friends and I had originally hope to go away in April for Good Friday across the border. We cancelled our plan and decided we would go away for Black Friday. We decided we are not going anywhere anytime soon. With the number in the Covid-19 in states going up daily it is not safe to go until maybe sometime in 2021.

There is usually a furniture market in July in Las Vegas which has been cancelled. The next one in North Carolina is scheduled for October with a different set-up over a longer period of time with less people in each section. It as it has been broken up into 3 sections of 3 days each and you can only attend one section based upon where your store is located. That is if the Covid-19 gets under control.

With this heat wave we have to stay hydrated as well as our pets. Please do not leave your animal in your car. It gets hot in only a matter of minutes. I know I have tried to work in my garden and it is too hot, so I work in batches of 15 minutes about once an hour. My weeds can wait.

The weather is nice and hot and not 40 below, so get out there and enjoy.

For those of you wanting to see and tryout the Hypnos Mattresses you can call me at 204-957-1211 to set-up appointment, or email



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