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By Marsha Brick

With the onset of spring, we hope, fond memories of my childhood come to mind. I feel so fortunate

to have grown up in the sixties and seventies, an era without video games and cell phones. All the kids in the neighborhood gathered to play outside. I am still friends with many of my childhood friends from our neighborhood, we still talk aboutthings we are did and the great memories.

We had wonderful neighbours. We would use four front yards as a football field and only one of those houses had any children. Everybody just enjoyed watching us play. All the kids were included in street sports. My neighbor Alan taught me to be a quarterback and kicker and to this day I still like watch CFL football.

In the evening, we would play Hide and Seek and always used the Green house as the safe house. Again, we had the run of the whole street except for the pink House; he was not very friendly and little bit scary. We would use both front and back yards to hide until it started to get dark and the street lights would come on.

Everybody’s house had an open door and any of us could go in for drink and anything else. Some of the older people on the block would leave bones for our dog as treat; when they saw Danny our (Sheltie) they would call him over and give him his treat.

A parent would take a bunch of us at a time for ice cream. We also had neighbor who sent us to the store to pick-up stuff and give us extra treat money.

When I was in Florida this past January, I called a childhood neighbour and we spent a wonderful

day together with her kids and grandchildren. She reminded meso much of her mother when I was

growing up that I felt I was back home again.

Ah! Home again and spring again – it’s spring cleaning time! I am still taking orders for Weiman

Furniture Cream in 8 oz bottle coming in mid April. Please call or email your order.



Marsha Brick owns

Marsha Brick's Fine Furniture

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