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By Marsha Brick

My daughter finished work early on Saturday and we decided to go out for dinner. I had a gift card for a number of restaurants and thought we would use one. We decided to go to the

restaurant in Kildonan Park. I had spent a good part of my childhood going to this park; to

the playground, the wading and swimming pools, skating rink, toboggan slide and Rainbow Stage.

When my parents would take Ira, and I and later Robert to the park to play, we would climb trees and then have a BBQ after. I recently found a photo of myself and Ira in front of our favourite climbing tree. There were many BBQ’s throughout the park where we made hotdogs and then roasted some marshmallows. What fun we had!

Come winter we would go to the pavilion to put on our skates. I would try to skate with my mom and dad’s help. My brothers had no problem. I do remember going down the toboggan slide and having great fun; the only thing I didn’t like was having to wait my turn.

At dinner I was watching the skaters with their parents and it brought a tear to my eye remembering my parents out there with me.

As I got older and having taken swimming lesson for many years, I would take the bus or my bike to the pool in the summertime. I would meet friends there and stay for hours. The pool was always packed.

When I was 8 years old my grandparents took me to Rainbow Stage for both performances that summer, which were Fiddler on the Roof, and The Sound of Music. That summer my grandmother bought me both records which I still have to this day. Every time I see them I think of her.

Kildonan Park was one of my dad’s favourite places to go; he would go almost every morning to walk his dogs.

When I was in high school we would go to Kildonan Park to hang out, to be seen. Our high school convocation was held under the dome in Rainbow Stage.

I enjoyed my trip down memory lanelast weekend.



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