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By Marsha Brick

This weekend is Father’s Day;

What do we get Dad? I suggest Hancock & Moore recliners; the Woodbridge Chippendale Wing chair recliner in Rider Tobacco leather. The Nail Head trim has each nail put in separately and has Mahogany finish on the leg. The chairs’ regular price of $6,529.00 is reduced to a promotion price of $2,995.00. A special Father’sDay extra discount of $200.00 lowers the price to $2,795.00. There are only 4 in stock at that price. When they are available again the promotion price has gone up due to price increases, the dollar and tariffs and when I have them again their price will be $3,295.00.

Other recliners available in both leather and fabric from Hancock and Moore will be on sale for 25% off the regular price for the next two weeks.

In storage I have one only from Randall Allan a Merchant Swivel Tilt Office Chair with adjustable height in Leather Briston Oak. Regular Price was $2,199.00 the blow out sale

price 50% off at $1,099.00. The price has gone up with the new tariffs to now $2,849.00. This chair will look good in Dad’s office.

On Father’s Day, our family would get together and if the weather is nice have a barbeque, play games outside and just have fun. This weekend makes me think of my Dad how much we as a family had fun. Dad specially enjoyed playing with his grandchildren.

My daughter Paula was very close to him as we lived with him for a couple of years and they would have their special time together as he was always there for her. My father would take my nephew Jonathan when he was little with him on Sundays and give his parents some time for themselves. My niece Zoe was close to both my parents as she would come to work often with my brother at the store when she was little. She also lived with my Dad while her parents were fixing up their house. All his children and grandchildren were special in their own way to him.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad, we all miss you.



Marsha Brick owns

Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture

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