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By Marsha Brick

Again, my day started at 8:00 am. I was off to the main building which has about 10 others attached to it. Each building has over 10 floors. I started in building C on the 9th floor to see John from American Drew and Hammary, a different division of the same company.

Next I went to building D to meet the new representative from Bernhardt; he had just started with them 2 weeks earlier and he had a student from University with him. Together they were learning the products and options.

I went to an outside showroom that is out of town to see Alan; he had been dealing with my parents for years and always invites us to lunch. It is the best lunch at market. One of the ladies recognized me and asked where my mother was. She was sad when I told she had

passed as she remembered my mother being very nice to her. I did a tour of the showrooms; they have a different scent for each showroom to meet the style of that series.

I headed back to the market to finally meet Rick. We have talked on the phone many times, but have never met. He has a line, Charleston Forge, that makes metal and glass tables in many sizes with a choice of metal and finishes.

When I was heading back to the hotel I discovered there was a party going on 2 blocks away. Since I was walking by, I stopped in. It was nice just to be able to sit and enjoy

some great food and listen to the band.

Black Friday special is coming at the end of the month; stay tuned.

Price Alert Reminder. Hypnos Mattress will have a price increase in December.

With Remembrance Day being this Monday I would like to thank all the men and woman who have served our country so that we can have our freedom. I especially want to thank the families of the soldiers who did not make it back; you have made biggest sacrifice. Thank you.

I am reminded that my grandfather Philip Brick served in World War 1 and my uncle Bernie Brick served in World War 2. They both came home safely; we were lucky.

Stay tuned for Black Friday specials!



Marsha Brick owns

Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture

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