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Different but still here

By Marsha Brick

Working online has been interesting so far. I had 4 inquiry about Hypnos mattresses, another about Wieman furniture cream. I have a dozen bottles left. Another email asked about what kind of sheets a customer needs for her mattress which is coming in next week. I am working on rearranging my basement to accommodate the office and samples. I am also setting up the information so that I can do quote work for those who need one for an insurance claim. My dog Gigi is confused; why are you home and why are we not going to work anyone. She would usually come with me 5 days a week and my other dog Harper would come once a week. They can see my desk at home now and some samples and look at them strangely. I am in contact with my suppliers. Some have reopened with a smaller staff to start; they are also waiting for supplies from other manufacturers to make their products. This will get easier as everyone reopens. I am going to see how things are going before I find a new location to open. Everyone I spoke to has stated they want to wait until things are normal before they try the mattresses and examine other products. For those looking for a sofa, chairs and sectional I can come to your home with a catalogue, fabrics and leather so that you can see them in your home and see how they look with the wall colour, flooring and other pieces in your room. For those looking for bedroom furniture I can bring a catalogue and wood sample to see what stain would be best for your bedroom. I can also show dining room and family room furniture depending on what you are looking for. I will still be available to answer questions; help you with getting information for what you want to find. You can reach me by phone 204-9571211 or email You can also check out my web or my Facebook page Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture. Let’s all stay safe and flatten the curve, so we all can be together again with family and friends. 204-957-1211 Email: Facebook Page: Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture Marsha Brick owns Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture

There is no association between Brick's Fine Furniture & The Brick Warehouse

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