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By Marsha Brick

This week we had our first birthday celebration as a family in over a year. When Mom was in the hospital, three family birthdays occurred, and we decided at the time to delay celebrations until Mom came home and that never happened.

Then as each birthday arrived, we just let it slip by. The other day it was Paula’s 25th birthday. I felt now was the time to resurrect our family traditions of getting together for birthdays. We all gathered at Mom’s Condo (now Lisa’s) and ordered in pizza.

A great time was had by all. It was great to see the cousins all enjoying spending time together.

Their ages range from 4 to 25 and they want to be together and play; including my daughter who

seems to enjoy playing with her baby cousins. Mom would have been so pleased, and I like to

think she was watching us all with a proud a smile.

The next celebration will be my sister’s. I am looking forward to going back to the Condo for her birthday as this was where we had our birthday celebrations, and this is where it feels as though both Mom and Dad are there with us. We will do our best to keep up this tradition as it is important to keep family together as we know that this is what both my parents would want. Us too!

The Weiman Furniture Cream has been ordered and should be in two to three weeks; I have

ordered some extra if you still want some call or email and I willadd to the list.



Marsha Brick owns

Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture

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