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By Marsha Brick

I was speaking to one of my other Canadian suppliers about price increases. They told me that they have had 3 increases so far this year. In the raw materials they are paying more now due to a new tariff that came in February, June and now September. The manufacturer has been trying to absorb these extra costs. To keep their price down with all these tariffs over the last couple of years when there is a price increase, they do their best to make it as small as possible.

Then I received an email from Bermex informing of a price increase effect October 1, 2019; the increase is over 10%. If you are looking for a new dining table for the holidays the time to order this is now. I have a Bermex Table and 3 different chair styles at my showroom, I have the wood samples and fabric choices for you to see.

Bermex has over 150 different table sizes, from small table with no leaves to a large table with up to 4 leaves. You can have round, oval, square, rectangular and solid glass top. They are available in regular height or bar height. There is a difference in the thickness of the wood tables. There is ¾ inch, 1 1/2 inches, 15/8 inches and 3 inches. The glass top is ½ inch thick. All table sizes and thickness are shown on their website The tables have a choice of legs or bases and depending which one you chose you may be able to also

pick the edge and apron.

There are over 300 arm and side chairs available. Some are solid wood, cushion seat and fully upholstered with choices of legs, finish, fabric and leather.

Bermex also has buffet and hutch to match. With thanksgiving being next month; Christmas is just over 10 weeks later it time to think where everyone is going to sit and is your table big enough to accommodate the family and friends who are coming.

I am here for you to come by and see the quality of this Canadian

made product, just give me a call and we will arrange a time that works for you.



Marsha Brick owns

Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture

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