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By Marsha Brick

My mother’s cousins Solly and Orly came to Winnipeg this week. On Monday evening there was a reunion of cousins. It was small group and we had a great time catching up. Solly and Orly live in Jerusalem and my brother Ira brought his son to meet them as he is going to Israel next month on a youth tour and would like to stay on after the tour is finished. Solly and Orly will be in touch so that they can all get together.

The reason for Solly’s visit is to tell people about a bone marrow donor registry that started in Israel and is now expanding across the world. The registry is called “Ezer Mizien’s Bone Marrow Donor Registry”. This group had a Gala dinner on Wednesday; the theme being the “Circle of Life –Support – Relief – Saving lives.”

When someone needs a donor for bone marrow only 25% come from family; the other 75% come from unrelated donors. This group currently has 1 million people who are on their donor list and have had 3,200 donors help individuals with cancer. 55 individuals were Canadian.

This is the fifth largest group in the world for Bone Marrow Donors and it keeps growing.

On Thursday we had a luncheon with family and friends. It was wonderful spending time with all these people and participating in the fun we were all having.

The only sad part about all this was not having my mother here. My mother loved family events. She would tell me stories of going to her grandparents home, how much fun she had and what amazing cooks they were. As for myself, while growing up, I enjoyed going to my

grandparents’ home for the family events, the great food my Baba would make and then played in the store she had in the house. She had her gift shop in her home and people would

call and come to see the tablecloths and other gifts she carried in stock.

I have taken my Baba‘s idea and moved my store into an apartment setting. It makes it easier to see what the furniture would look like in your home. I am just a phone call away. You are always welcome to visit andsee what I have in fine furniture.



Marsha Brick owns

Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture

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