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Family Time

Welcome to 2019; the move from Bannatyne is now complete and Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture has begun. I am away right now hopefully to refocus personally and to seek out new and exciting items for my new store. A friend will be coming in to check messages and emails. She will deal with what she can or forward them to me. There are orders coming in every week will be which be set up for delivery. Those of you waiting will receive a call as your orders arrive and arrangement will be made for delivery. This is my first holiday of any length in 10 years. I am going to visit some relatives, and especially my aunt. I have always been very close to her growing up as her daughter and I are the same age and born just 8 days apart. Both my aunt and my cousin have been very supportive for me and I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my aunt. She plans to take me around to check out furniture stores in her area.

She is a good buyer having owned Sharon’s Linens for years!! Another Person I am seeing is a second cousin, who is also a good friend. She plans on taking me out just to have fun and relax. Something I have not been able to do for the last couple of months with looking for a new location; and then moving into the new location. The last part of my trip is half work and half family; I am going to finish my trip in Toronto going both to Barrymore and Brentwood Classics to purchase couple of new items for the new store. The second part is spending time with my Brick cousins and their kids. We all have the Brick sense of humour; if anybody knew my father they would understand. I will send updates while I am away and when I return, I will let you in on what is going to be my new concept.

Lets all have great 2019.

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Congratulations on your move and glad to hear you had a great Holiday! All the best with your new location! Looks wonderful!! Barb, Habitat ReStore.

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