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Family Tree

By Marsha Brick

With Covid-19 I am spending more time at home to have less contact with people. I am still checking my email daily and my phone messages every second day. For those who want to come to the store to try out the Hypnos mattresses I am placing sheets on them and will remove them and wash them after each customer has tried out the mattress. I am only going to have one appointment a day to be able to clean up after they leave. I am running a floor model clearance sale and will be posting pictures on Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture Facebook page. This way you can see the items on sale, and I can send you a picture of something that catches your eye, by email or text message. I am still taking special orders for Brentwood Classics, Durham, Bermex, Hypnos, Century and “Hancock and Moore”. You can check all their websites to view their products and email or call me to get information. You can make an appointment to come to the store to see their fabric and stain options. The delivery time will be longer. I am unsure at this time how long. With all of us spending more time at home this is a good time to go though our photo albums and try to group our pictures into groups telling a story of holiday with the family and friends. When I was in Edmonton recently my brother was asking me questions about our mother’s family; he never knew our mother’s father was oldest of eight children. There were at least 2 we never met as they left Winnipeg before we were born. I only met another uncle a couple of times when I was with my grandparents. I am now working on the family tree for my brother and his children. My niece also asked some questions about my father’s family and about a marriage in the Bronx, New York. I told her that our grandfather was a widower when my grandmother came to visit her family in New York. They were setup on a date and they fell in love. My grandparents got married and brought his children to Winnipeg. They had two more children; my uncle Jerry and

my father Fred.

204-957-1211 Email: Facebook Page: Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture Marsha Brick owns Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture

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