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By Marsha Brick

This August marks a 50 year tradition of the Brick family bringing Fine Furniture to Winnipeg.

It started in August 1969, when my parents Fred and Cynthia rented 288 Princess Ave. They worked out of that location until 1976. The big move came when they purchased the building at 111 Lombard Ave and built a major competitor in the Winnipeg furniture scene. It was there when they become the second Thomasville Gallery store in Canada.

Then what appeared to be disaster struck. My parents received the letter telling them to stop using their family name. They refused and fought in and out of court for 5 years until the

other party called and offered them a settlement.

One day The Winnipeg Free Press contacted Fred about doing a weekly advertisement column in the new Sunday edition. It first started out about furniture and then became more about a

slice of life and furniture. When my father could no longer write due to illness, he asked my mother to take over. Her articles were a little more about explaining how furniture is made and again, with some slice of life features. Last year when my mom was in the hospital, I was helping her with her articles, and it became apparent she was not going survive she wanted

me to continue what she and my father had started.

In 2011, my parents sold the building on Lombard and moved to 145 Market Ave, a smaller store with an open concept design with brick walls. Brick’s Fine Furniture operate from there for five years until the construction above them was adversely affecting the store. The store was moved to 171 Bannatyne Ave for 3 years until this past December.

At that point I took on a new concept and the trade name “Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture” I opened in the heart of Osborne Village. Our showroom now consists of an apartment with 2 bedrooms with 2 different bedroom suite and 2 Hypnos Mattress to try, a huge living with 2 different living room setting and dining room.

This is where I see clients in the daytime, evening or on weekends. I work flexible hours for the convenience of my clients. Just call me at 204- 957-1211 and I will setup an appointment that works for you.

My goal is caring on the Brick family tradition of offering Fine Furniture in Winnipeg.

Thank you, mom and dad. I will make you proud.



Marsha Brick owns

Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture

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