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By Marsha Brick

I received notice this week that some of the products I ordered at the furniture market in October are coming soon. I will need to make room, so I am having a floor model

clearance. Prices will be between 25% to 50% off some items. There also some price increases coming from some of our manufacturer, so now would be the time to place your special order.

I received a letter from Brentwood Classics that some of their styles will be discontinued as March 31, 2020; one of them is a chair that I have in store. I will be selling that one at 50% off. It is the “Vela Chair”, in a Belgian Velvet stripe pattern fabric called Tournai and colour

called Daphine. It is a grade 15 and has metal chrome legs and is very comfortable. The regular price of $2,599.00 is reduced as a Chair Promotion Price to $1,689.00 and a

further Clearance Price of $1,289.00.

There are other items being discontinued and will have clearance pricing on them. If you check out my Facebook page “Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture” I will be showing pictures of items that being cleared to make room for the new floor models. I will be adding more pictures daily for the next week.

There is price increase for Hancock & Moore this month; and more increases are expected from other furniture manufacturers in the next couple of months. If you are thinking about some new furniture, the time to act is now before the price increases.

The new store is handicap friendly; there is a ramp going into the building and another leading to the elevator. I had a customer in this week who said that this was one of the easiest building to get into. There parking is out front of the building with over 20 parking stalls

for visitors, and it free.

Now that winter has decided to come, let’s go out and enjoy weather. Come by. I will make some fresh chocolate chip cookies (my secret recipe) and hot chocolate. Just call ahead I will heat up the oven.



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Fine Furniture

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