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By Marsha Brick

Roughly 20 years ago my mother attended her first Rotary and was hooked. She became a member and worked tirelessly for years. One of the first big projects she participated in was bringing David Steinberg to Winnipeg for “An Evening with David Steinberg”. They had grown-up in the same neighborhood and had that common history so she reached out and he was responsive. It was a great event. She worked tireless for months on this project and felt great joy at it success. Money was raised for a charitable cause. She also developed lifelong friendships with people working with her.

Another one of her strengths was soliciting new members. She received a letter once from the

president of Rotary international congratulating her for adding so many new members. She felt so honoured and surprised to receive this recognition. She was truly touched by this jester. She felt Rotary was a great and positive organization contributing to the community.

When my mother was ill last year, many Rotarians were always checking to see how she was doing. One liason, Nancy, kept her current with the latest Rotary happenings. They would have discussion on Ribfest, and other upcoming events for her input; my Mother still had her pulse on what was happening.

When she passed, a large portion of her Rotary club attended the funeral and others sent cards and notes. A sister Rotary club in North Carolina sent a card with over 50 signatures.

Rotary has kept in contact with me and invited me to attend the weekly lunch meeting; and I have now officially joined. I have big shoes to fill. One of the events this summer is Ribfest; August 23 to 25 at the Forks. They have started their 50/50 on line I will tell more in the weeks to come.

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first come bases until it gone.



Marsha Brick owns

Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture

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