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By Marsha Brick

This past weekend, I was in the garden harvesting vegetables and herbs. Then I started processing them. With some of my cucumbers, I made tzatziki sauce. I use that with

chicken souvlaki. I also grilled pitas and made a Greek salad with lettuce, tomatoes and green pepper from my garden. I added some feta cheese and made a dressing with the herbs from the garden and some olive and balsamic vinegar. What a wonderful and refreshing meal!

With the extra green peppers, I made some stuffed peppers. I chopped up the remainder and froze them. Then I picked more herbs. I made some into butters and salad dressing and froze some for soups and stocks. I dried some so that I would have them to use over the winter.

I will wait until October to harvest the carrots. I picked the Swiss chard to try for the first time. They were good.

With the tomatoes that are ready, I made some tomato sauce last week and there’s more to come soon as more of my tomatoes ripen.

After working in the garden and cooking last weekend my back was bothering me. When I went to bed on my Hypnos Mattress, my back was better in the morning. This is why I love my bed so much. This mattress has allowed me to get proper REM sleep for over 2 years and has changed my life in so many positive ways. Because I am sleeping so well, I have more energy

to garden, cook and take my dogs for long walks.

I know I talk about the Hypnos mattresses a lot. I get feedback from so many people telling me

how much they love their new bed and I want everyone to have this wonderful experience. This bed has the Queen’s Warranty, which means that she also sleeps on a Hypnos Mattress and has them in every one of her royal residences. Someone recently asked me of this is the

same brand that Oprah sleeps on. It is! With our children back in school, we all need a good night’s sleep. I will make some cookies and you can try The Hypnos Mattress in my new showroom in Osborne Village.

Please call and I will give you the address.


Marsha Brick owns

Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture


A Hypnos mattress means a goodnights sleep!

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