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Garden is exploding

By Marsha Brick

My garden is producing vegetables everyday; the cucumber plants are just giving more every time I look. One cucumber was hidden behind one of the pots and when we discovered it was 4 times larger than it should be.

More are coming in daily.

The green peppers keep coming in check one day they are little and two days later they have doubled in size. I must start prepping to freeze some of them.

Then there are the eggplants. We tried two different ones this year; small and regular sizes. Lots of the smalls are coming in and we have picked a couple to try. The regular ones are close to ripening.

My romaine lettuce is finished for the season and I was able to harvest it three times. The leaf lettuce is also coming to an end. I harvested it many times and is still going, but over half the plants are gone.

Then we have the tomatoes; they are just coming in right now and only a couple have ripened so far. There will lots coming soon so I will have start making home made tomato sauce soon.

When I make tomato sauce, I go into my herb garden and for fresh Basil, Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary and Parsley the taste with fresh herbs.

With my herbs I make some into herb butter which I use to cook with. Also, some I freeze so that I have them for soup and sauces over the winter. Then I dry the rest.

This year we try some new vegetable one being Celery which is growing like a weed, I have been using in soups and salads. Another one is beets we can see them coming out though the soil waiting to pick later in the season when they are bigger. Then there is the Butternut Squash it is getting huge only one squash on right now hope more to come; but it has taken over 1/3 of my front garden area as we keep spike it to keep it off the ground.

Lets all enjoy our gardens and keep safe.



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