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By Marsha Brick

May long weekend and planting begins. When I was younger I had no interest in gardening. My father always had a garden and I recall picking fresh carrots, washing them off and that great crispy crunchy bite. And do you remember fresh rhubarb dipped into a saucer of sugar?

Over the last couple of years, I tried planting carrots first seeds in a small bed, but the yield was few and very small. Then last year I tried planting carrot seed tape in my front flower bed, and they did start coming up but then we had a massive rainstorm and drowned them. Never

say never. I am going to try planting carrot seed tape again this time in a bed in my front yard where I have cucumbers, tomatoes, oregano and other vegetables. Hope this location works as I miss having fresh carrots.

I do have a couple of rhubarb plants and fortunately they keep coming back.

I especially like to grow fresh herbs. I have couple of neighbors who start them from seed over the winter and kindly share some of their plants. I am very excited as both these neighbors have wonderful gardens every year and these are people who I turn to for advice.

A relative of mine has a neighbour whose whole back yard is completely full of fresh vegetables and over a100 tomato plants, zucchinis and more. He also starts everything from

seed over the winter and also plants in his relative’s yard for him every year. When I was there last Sunday he offered me tomato and cherry tomato plants. I plan to pick them up this weekend, weather permitting, and get my garden started.

For those who have ordered furniture cream, please plan to pickup by the end of May as I am sold out and others are wanting the cream. I am taking new orders for the next time. Any orders not picked up, or arrangements made to do so, will be made available to the people on the new list.

Have a great first long weekend of the summer.



Marsha Brick owns

Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture

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