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Garden Time!

By Marsha Brick May Long Weekend and the weather is finally warming. Let's hope summer comes soon and we can all start planting our gardens. So now trying to decide what I want to plant this year. There is a squirrel who likes to come on to my balcony and dig into plants on the railing. I tried a few things last year in an attempt to deter him but with little success. Any suggestion are appreciated. I have 3 different areas where I garden at my house. First area has containers at the back of my house. They get direct sunlight and I usually fill them with tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. I can move these containers around to get the best results. I have tried romaine lettuce with mixed success, as well as eggplant and zucchini with just a few coming in. The second area is the balcony on the second floor, where I grow most of my herbs; basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, chives and sage. This usually works out great. I still have no luck will dill but not giving up!. I have also grown tarragon when I can find it. Some years it works and others not. I also put strawberries on the balcony and get small yield or nothing when our neighborhood squirrel did them up. There is also a large planter of mixed lettuces and I pick salads almost everyday until it gets to hot and the lettuce becomes bitter. Those salads are my favorites out of my garden. Then there is my front yard which is small; the first year in my house I dug up a portion of my yard and built a small area with borders for my garden hoping to get my father to teach me how to garden. He was an excellent gardener. He came by to help but by then his health was poor and when I realized he wasn’t going to teach me a friend of mine jumped in to help; as did a couple of my neighbours with advice and some plants. This garden in the front yard has a couple of small beds and pots. I have some annual plants in the bed outside the window and also rhubarb. Another small bed has a raspberry plant which is growing larger each year. In another I have tried carrots, onion, squash with no success. I do also plant, cucumber, tomatoes and some herbs. In some of my pots in the front I have planted lemon grass, and strawberries which I know my dog Harper helps herself to. Lets all have good summer of gardening a head of us. 204-957-1211 Email: Facebook Page: Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture Marsha Brick owns Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture There is no association between Brick’s Fine Furniture & The Brick Warehouse

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