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Rotary Ribfest Cancelled: What is Rotary

By Marsha Brick

This weekend would have been the Winnipeg Rotary Ribfest annual summer event.

It is a fund raiser to support youth in Winnipeg and Manitoba. With Covid 19 many events have been cancelled this year by Rotary, including United Nation event where youth from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Minnesota and North Dakota meet to discuss and research world issues.

Rotary sponsors several things worldwide in both developing countries and in local communities. One of the many things they do is try to find ways to get fresh and safe water, and supplies like seeds and equipment so people can grow their own food to help become more self-efficient.

Another thing that rotary does is collect and purchase computer and books sending them to northern communities in Manitoba so that there is resource for both student and teacher.

I did not know much about Rotary until my mother joined. After her passing I was invited to their meeting and learn about what they did. What I saw was a group of people who saw where help was needed and found way to get to them. Rotary is an international organization.

Our mission statement for Winnipeg Rotary Club is "To create community through fellowship and service, to eliminate poverty and disease and to provide knowledge and opportunity, especially for young people."

Nancy has been making face mask for months and all the money raised has goneto:

*Willow Place ($800) a women's shelter. Funds were used to purchase PPE

*Ma Mawi Emergency Food Program ($800) for children and in-need families

Other local projects Rotary is sponsoring during COVID 19 are:

*Winnipeg Harvest ($2,000)

*Computers for Kids ($4,000) in partnership with Inspire Community Outreach.

*Food Hampers for Families ($1,000) through Hugh John MacDonald School

This organization is taking care of our future.

So let's stay safe, wear our masks and lets be careful we need to take care of ourselves and our family.



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