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Grew up in West Kildonan

By Marsha Brick

This week I was invited to join a group on Facebook called Grew up in West Kildonan. It started this week and has over 600 members. It has been so much fun to connect with people from my old neighborhood and friends from elementary, junior high and high school.

People have been posting class pictures, school picture and some grad pictures. I posted my Grade 1 class picture and one of the guys in the picture asked which one was him.

There are people from all over North American letting us know what they have been up to and telling stories about what we did as kids. Someone asked about a playground near my house called Tot Lot in front of the Seven Oaks Museum. Lots of stories came out about different things that people did there or at the museum.

I dug out my Grade 11 and Grade 12 yearbooks and enjoyed looking at them again. I am still friends with Cheryl. When I found her write-up from Grade 12 and read it, I laughed out loud as it took me back to that time. I sent it over to her and she laughed and talked about that time in our lives.

It is so nice to hear about what we all have done, and how some of our children went to the same schools as their parents.

Talking about school dances and restaurants, we would go to one after the dance. Most are gone. But seeing those names brings a smile to my face and I remember going to lot of them. You could walk to them from home or hop a bus. The worst thing that might happen is someone sneaking in a micky.

This week has been a trip down memory lane.

With Covid-19 Facebook has made this group of people able to reconnect with friends from our youth and let us remember when we all feel safe.

We also remember those who have passed away. They are not forgotten. Being asked to join this group and inviting others to join as made this week so much fun. I remember how good a childhood and what great friends I had from my street and from school.



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