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By Marsha Brick

Christmas has come and gone. It is an exciting time to think about what the year 2020 will hold for all of us. I am looking forward to traveling to Edmonton in the spring to see my brother and his wife and their children. I also plan to go the Hypnos Factory when I am there to see how they make the mattresses.

One last reminder - Hypnos Mattresses is going up in price January 1, 2020. You have until

December 31, 2019 to order one at the old price.

I remember being a little kid and my parents would host New Years parties. Then when I was a teenager, I would go to a New Years party and come home late. I remember when I was sixteen. I had gotten my drivers license on December 30th. The next night being New Years Eve, I asked my parents for the car, thinking they would say no. To my surprise they said yes and handed me the keys to the family station wagon; which I had driven once the day before. It was little scary as I was driving for the time with my friends in the car.

Then into my twenties I start hosting the New Year with friends. We would have dinner, listen to music and wait for midnight. These parties were fun as more of us had became couples and got married. Our party became more formal with fancy meals.

By time we where in our thirties and forties, we had children and we would do things with them. We would go to the Forks to watch fireworks or have some of their friends over for a sleep over. Those are great memories

As I am older now I usually have dinner with friends. For dinners we try to come up with something interesting that we have never had before; this is when I will go digging into my cookbooks for ideas. After dinner we watch a movie, wait for midnight then we call it a night. It’s a nice way spend time with friends.

I wish all of you Happy New Year.



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