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By Marsha Brick

My mother-in-law is downsizing and passing on many precious and sentimental items to her children and grandchildren. She was very happy when my daughter happily accepted her

special china. When I picked up the china she cautioned me that it not go in the dishwasher as the gold trim around the edge would dissolve. I assured her that it would be washed by hand; as that is what I currently do with my china. The matching cake plate is on display in my curio cabinet so Paula can enjoy it before she is on her own.

I have also found places to display other items she gave my daughter. With the older generations downsizing and wanting to give their family china, figurines and interesting pieces that have been used for decades for the holiday, we now need to figure out where do put these pieces and dishes?

There is a Canadian Company called Bermex out of Quebec producing buffets and hutches in many sizes and with over 100 different finish options. Perfect for storage.

It is so nice to showcase these pieces so when your parents come to visit they can see them being appreciated. You can get a buffet and hutch combination or curio or display cabinet to keep these pieces in and be able to show them off. I did this with my mother after downsize and she would come for family dinner she see many family pieces on display; I also made

a point of actually using them during our holiday dinners. I still do that now as they are part of our traditions. Also with having these pieces in our family we are able to tell the next generation who they belong to and who they are and learn more about our family history. Great way to pass forward our own family history.

Rotary Ribfest is one week away starting August 23 to August 25; at The Forks with free admission. I will give all the details next week. There is still time to buy you 50/50 ticket at



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