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Hello From The Sunshine State

The first week of my holiday is over and time just flew. I have visited a few furniture stores and found a couple things of interest. Will tell you more when I get back. I spoke with my friend who is checking on the new place for me and she assured me that it is coming along. I am excited to see when I get home. Currently, I am setting up a new website and soon it will have some pictures of the new store. Having this time to get away has be good for me; I have been able to relax and reflect on this past year. I have finally been able to grieve the loss of my mother and of the family business. My aunt is certain that Mum would be very proud of me carrying on in the furniture business. I hope that both my parents are looking down on me and are happy with the direction I am taking the business. One of the newest changes will be to the ability for customers to come to the store at convenient times for them. Custom hours by appointment available morning, afternoons, evening or weekends. It is also a safer environment for me. Unfortunately, I had a couple of situations in the other store where I felt in danger and unsafe. Back to my holiday; I feel like a teenager again, having no responsibilities and able sleep in. I still check the email daily and handle what needs to be done. But I am sitting here doing it in my pyjamas enjoying the weather and walking the dogs. I do miss my dogs at home, Gigi and Harper. Gigi always sleeps with me every night unless she has a sleep over at her auntie’s house; I heard she has had a few already. Harper usually sleeps with my daughter. Dogs here are great fun but want to sleep with their parents but I am great company when they are at work. My girls they always get a present whenever I go away.

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