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By Marsha Brick

Summer is now here and I have started picking some of the vegetables in my garden so far. I

have two different kinds of lettuce; one assorted mixed greens and other is Romain. I am having salad with dinner- either a combination of lettuces or a Caesar salad. I have also started picking some cherry tomatoes. This weekend I picked fresh herbs; basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary and parsley for a tomato sauce I made from my tomatoes that I froze at the end of last season. The sauce still had a fresh picked taste.

When I originally build my garden bed in the front yard, it was so that my father could teach me how to garden and we could spend time together. He was able to come by a couple of times and see what I was planning; unfortunately, his health deteriorated, and he was never

able to see it finished. My mother was able to come by and watch it grow bigger every year; she would also get fresh tomatoes, cucumber, pepper and other vegetables I would try each year.

I was very lucky to have a couple of neighbors on my street who could give advice and information. One told me that where I have small patch in the back, that one of the previous owners had a container garden. I purchased 18 large red containers to do my container garden; there was a lot of work to get it started. First, I had to drill 4 holes in the bottom of each container, then fill 1/3 with stones, cover it with garden fabric so the water can drain and then fill the remainder with soil.

Now what to plant in the back which gets sun all day and what to plant in front which has partial sun. That something I am still trying to figure out. Last year the cucumbers did great in the back and just ok in the front; this year the cucumbers have all died except one in the back

and the ones in the front are doing great.

Let’s all have great growing season.



Marsha Brick owns

Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture

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