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How to do a Insurance Claim

By Marsha Brick

I recently had a call from a couple who had an insurance claim for their bedroom furniture. The insurance company was offering them an amount that was too low compared to furniture of equal value. They came to me to get a proper quote for replacement value.

Their furniture was made with solid wood this Pecan. All the joints were dovetail on the drawers and all wood. They showed me pictures of the bedroom set which was over 20 years old so that I could see the style and name of the manufacture.

With this information I was able to find a current series from a manufacturer to give them a cost of replacement value.

When I do up a quote, I do research to determine what the quality of the furniture was at the time of purchase and then find a manufacturer who made furniture of the same quality now. I check if they have a similar style and pieces available. I price out the pieces and include pictures so that the insurance company knows how I determine the replacement value.

It is always a good idea to have pictures of your furniture so if you ever have to do an insurance claim it is easier to see what your furniture looked like before the damage occurred. Also knowing the name of the manufacture helps.

If you have any questions just call 204-957-1211 or email

Now that we have been able to plant our gardens. mine is almost done; some more flowers and few more herbs and it will be finished this weekend. Then I wait for bounty the to come in.

Now that summer is here lets all enjoy the weather being outside and meeting our neighbors or going for walks, smelling the morning dew and BBQ in the evening as we all enjoy our grills. When you are on your walks see what new things are neighbors have planted and what is new in the neighborhood.

Remember stay safe and enjoy what our city has to offer.



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