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By Marsha Brick

Last week was yard work time: cleaning up leaves, wash down lawn furniture and so on. However my back was a little sore from too much bending and lugging. I crawled into bed with a bit of a back ache. Have I told you before just how much I love my Hypnos mattress? I sure do know why. Woke up in the morning and feel as good as new.

Hypnos Castle Mattresses are allnatural with wool and cotton in every bed in the series. Plus these beds are 2 sided so they are flippable. You turn and flip it on a regular basis ensuring

longevity and comfort. These beds are handcrafted featuring Hypnos Spiral Coils, 4 embroidered handles, hand tuffed and edge guard. There 5 different mattresses available. First

one is the Clarence (which is the one Ihave) has Pure Cotton, Wool & Cotton air bond and is 9 inches thick and fits regular sheets.

Second bed option is the Regent Adjustable Mattress; this mattress is compatible with all adjustable beds and also has Pure Cotton and Wool and is 9 inches thick.

Third bed option is the Sherbourne which is 10 inches thick has layers of Cotton Felt,

Wool & Cotton air bond and Wool and Cotton.

Fourth bed option is Carlisle which is 11 inches thick. The layers in this bed are Cotton Felt, Wool & Cotton air bond, Wool & Cotton and Wool & Silk.

Fifth bed is the Helmsley layers are Latex, Wool & cotton air bond, Wool & Cashmere and Wool and Silk. This bed is 12 inches thick. I have both the Clarence and Helmsley on display so you can try them out. Also I can work appointments around your schedule. I offer very flexible times with daytime and evening appointments as well asweekends. Being in Osborne Village Iam still central plus free parking out front.

For those who ordered Furniture Cream I have tried to reach everyone. Please call to confirm your order and arrange pick-up by the end of May. I am currently sold out but I am taking

name and numbers in case I have extras and also for a future order. If you missed out this time add yourname to the list for the next order.



Marsha Brick owns Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture

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