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Mother and Daughter

By Marsha Brick

Now that Hypnos Mattresses are on display at Interior Illusions 100 Princess Street, I am meeting clients there so that they may test out the comfort and see how there is little or no motion transfer from your partner.

The one of the most important things to do when trying out a mattress is to lie on as you would at home, either on your stomach, side or back and for some of us it all three. By doing this you are letting you body settle in and relax, and that is when you feel how this mattress cradles your pressure points.

Call me at 204-957-1211 to arrange a time to meet and show you the benefits of these mattresses.

When you are at Interiors Illusions you can see their display options they have from flooring, blinds, furniture and accessories. I have been impressed with how much they offer their clients in options. They have a designer on staff to work with you to make all these elements work.

What is so nice is this is a local company that also has a mother and daughter team working together. It is like what my mother and I did in the past.

I am also working online. If you are looking for Durham Furniture, Brentwood Classics, Century Furniture and Hancock and Moore. I am still working with these manufacture and others. Just send me an email at or phone 204-957-1211. I can arrange to meet you and show samples.

Now that summer is now here, we are out and about working in our yards; going to the cottage and taking in the patio at the restaurants around our city. Remember to stay safe so that we all can have a great summer keep showing how Manitoba has flatten the curve.

The other important thing we have to do is to help our family, friends and neighbors. For those who can not get out to do shopping; before you go, pick up the phone, ask them if they need anything. That will brighten their day and take pressure off them of having to ask for help. I personally help two senior relatives who need extra help every week. They apricated it and I know that I have made difference.



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