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My Week

By Marsha Brick

I have had several inquiries about Hypnos Mattresses and am looking for location to put some on display soon; will keep you posted.

The last three weeks have been challenging. I was in a car accident; someone went though a stop sign and hit my car on the driver side at the back - not too much damage to the car. Me? That's another story. My lower back and neck are sore resulting in my going to physio. This has limited my ability to finish setting up my office as I am trying not to lift or move anything heavy. I am making a dent everyday and should be done soon.

The gardening is coming along. Some plants are now in either the container at the back of my house or the planter on the railing on my balcony on the second floor. There are plants for the bed my friend is going to plant.

I had an interesting email from the High Point Market; the market which is usually 5 days long; they had cancelled the Spring Market this year. They are now making the Fall Market 9 days long dividing it by states into two blocks of 3 days and the last 3 days for students and others in the industry to keep the social distancing easy to maintain. As a Canadian I can choose which 3 days work best for me. I will wait and see before I decide if I am going but think I will probably wait until spring.

For those looking for furniture for your home or cottage I can come to your home with samples and catalogues to help you select the right product.

You can either call me at 204-957-1211 or email

It has been nice to be home spending time with my daughter and my dogs. I do miss talking with and seeing other people, so if you have some questions that I can help you with give me a call.

With all this social distancing going on please remember our seniors who are home alone, or in assisted living or a senior's home. Please call them to say hello and ask how they are and if they need anything. They usually have a hard time getting supplies. There are two senior relatives that I see every week to bring supplies or take them to appointments and they look forward to seeing me as I do them!



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