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By Marsha Brick

I am excited to announce that Hypnos Mattress are now displayed at Interior Illusions, 100 Princess St. Call me at 204-957-1211 to arrange a time to meet me and try out these mattresses. Shop hours are shorter now so be sure to call in advance to arrange a time. I am excited to have them back on display at this lovely location. Many of you had been contacting me wanting to come try these fabulous beds.

One of the key features of these mattresses is that you stay cool at night and with summer now here something to appreciate. Also, there is no memory foam is any of these beds. They are all natural, great for people with allergies. They are also flippable; meaning both side of the mattress are used. This mattress has very little if any motion transfer for maximum individual comfort. The mattress has the Queen Elizabeth Royal Warrant; which means she had to sleep on the bed for 5 years before she could award them her warrant. Hypnos has had the warrant for over 40 years. Everyone of her residences has Hypnos Mattresses.

There is lots of street parking on both side of the street. Remember to give yourself plenty on time to try out the Hypnos mattresses. As you are laying on it you will feel the support of the mattress on your pressure points; and feel fully supported. Hypnos Mattresses are available in soft, medium and firm. The majority of orders are medium, which is what I have. On a regular bed frame you will require both box spring and mattress; you have to get the Hypnos box spring as the mattress are heavy and need proper support. The box springs are made to support these mattresses. If you have a platform bed then usually you need just the mattress only. Call me at 204-957-1211 to arrange a time to come and see and tryout these Hypnos Mattresses.



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