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By Marsha Brick

Last weekend I had planned to have a two-day weekend; nothing planned, just staying home and catching up on cleaning and laundry. I did nothing on Sunday, played with my dogs, watched some TV and listened to some music.

I checked my email on Sunday. Someone wanted to come by on Monday, so I arranged a time to meet them. Then I checked my email on Monday morning and another couple wanted to come to the store. I arranged a time with them a little later in the day so they would not

overlap. I came to the store and checked the phone. There was a message from the second couple asking if they could come now. I called them back told them to come.

The couple that asked to come early was there in 15 minutes. They were looking for a sofa and chairs. The sofa in my store was too deep for them; but two of my chairs fit them perfectly.

Then I showed them the Brentwood Classics series called Small Scale, Big Comfort with 14 different styles to pick from. You can pick from a tight back or cushion back and 7 different arms. Some styles just have sofas, loveseat, chair and ottoman. Another series has sofas, loveseats, sectionals, chair and ottoman. There are all of the Brentwood Classics fabrics and leathers to choose from.

As the first couple (actually the wife) was going through all the Brentwood Classics fabrics, her husband went into the bedroom and tried out the Hypnos mattresses. He also checked out some of the other furniture in store, taking the measurements to see what will fit.

During all this the second couple arrived to check out the Hancock and Moore recliner. They had known about this recliner as her friend has one and just loves it, her friend had

purchased one from my mother.

With my store I can work on your schedule and make a time that works for you, without you having to worry about parking.

If you have a question outside of my regular hours, I usually check my email in evenings and on Sunday and holidays.



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