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By Marsha Brick

The Weiman’s Furniture Cream shipped out last week and was to be delivered to the Grand Forks FedEx depot for pickup. Then last Wednesday I received an email from Weiman announcing that FedEx refused to receive the product because it was on a pallet. They asked

for another option where to send the cream. I checked with a place in Pembina, ND if they would accept the order and they said yes. There was new paper work that I had to do to switch locations.

Then a blizzard hit North Dakota Wednesday evening causing closure of I-29 from the border to South Dakota. Checking back on Thursday to see if everything was arranged, I was told

they were unsure when the cream would arrive in Pembina due to the weather. I then called the trucking company head office, and they gave me the phone number for their depot in Fargo. I spoke with a gentleman in Fargo and was told that the product was currently in Wisconsin and due Sunday evening to Fargo. I asked if I could pick it up in Fargo, and

he said that he would change the destination to Fargo Depot but I wouldnot know until Monday morning.

Fortunately friends offered to take me down to Fargo in their truck so thatI did not have to drive alone or rent a van. On Monday at 6:30 am, I called the trucking company to see if the furniture cream had arrived and it was waiting for me to come and pick it up. Later that

morning the trucking company called to let me know it was ready for pick-up. I have now started calling everyone who ordered Weiman Furniture Cream; if I haven’t call you yet just call me, and I will give you the pick-up location at our store. I did order little extra so if you are still needing Weiman Furniture Cream please call and I will put it aside for you, as there is limited supply.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend and I will be in the store on Saturday for those who need to come and pick up their Furniture Cream.



Marsha Brick owns

Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture

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