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By Marsha Brick

Today I am going to Edmonton to visit family, I am looking forward to seeing everyone.

This is my first trip to Edmonton in over 10 years. Every time I visit, my brother has a new house. The last time I was there, my brother Ira showed up and we got to celebrate both his and Robert’s birthdays. I sometime refer to the 3 of us as the original Brick children as my

parents took a six-year break before they had Lisa and Stuart. Even with the age difference we all very close. How lucky we all are!

Who I am really excited to see is Robert‘s new dog Izzy. He is a puppy and I see pictures of him on Facebook; he looks adorable. Robert’s first dog was named Nike and they lived across from me when we both lived in Garden City. Nike had a very cute trick. When he was outside and wanted to come in, he would ring their doorbell. Nike would also come over to my house to see my dog; I would call my brother’s house and let them know. He would usually stay for about an hour and then head home. Robert’s other dog, Harley was a Labradoodle, blonde in colour and looked like a giant version of my dog Harper. He was a beautiful dog and he and my sister-in-law would spend lots of time together at the cottage helping her plant her flowers.

One of the first things most of us did after moving out was to get a dog. No wonder- that came from Dad and Mom.

I will be gone until Wednesday but I will be checking emails if you have any questions. On Monday I am going to Hypnos to see how they make their mattresses, I will be able to see the coils, and the different layers of material cotton, wool, silk and cashmere. I am going to watch every step of production from how they side stitch the mattress to how they attach the handles to make it easier to turn and flip the mattress. I will go into more details next week.


Edmonton, here I come!



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