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By Marsha Brick

October has arrived, the weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter. We are now back in our usual routine taking the kids to school, to lessons, practice and games.

I am going to be involved in an event with The Rotary Club of Winnipeg, on October 24 at the Winnipeg Winter Club at 200 River Ave. We are going to be in teams of 4 riding

stationary bike for an hour. Each person will ride for 15 minutes, to raise funds to help eradicate Polio worldwide. Rotary has supported the End Polio Program and reduced cases by 99.9% since 1988.

There was a pollo epidemic that broke out in the summer of 1953 which had 763 reported cases in Winnipeg.

One of the reasons this cause is so important to me is my mother had Polio when the epidemic broke out in 1953. It was very traumatic on her as she was unable to participate in many activities in and out of school; her mother would boil blankets every night and wrap them around her legs. She would cry out in pain. This worked as she was able to walk without a limp and she became a dance teacher. My mother was a wonderful dancer and when she and my father got on the dance floor it was magical to watch.

Another reason Polio prevention is important to me was my pediatrician was Dr. Percy Barsky who was a Polio survivor. I remember him walking with a limp. I spoke with his son Ron and he told me it affected him his entire life. He was in an iron lung in 1940 for a year and half; he lost muscle and which would lead to him having falls often. He was unable to do some basic thing like mowing the lawn, playing catch with his son or walking long distances. He

was also not able to go places like beach as he could not walk on uneven surfaces like sand and dirt roads.

If anyone is interested participating, I do not have a team yet. If you prefer to make a pledge let me know.



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