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By Marsha Brick

The weather has changed and the warm summer nights are now cool and breezy. Its time to start working in our garden. It’s the time to pick our vegetables and to get the garden ready for next year. As well as enjoying our fresh vegetables, it’s also the beginning of canning, pickling, freezing and making sauces and salsa and to dry and or freeze our herbs or make herb butters.

I have never done canning and am a little afraid to try. I did pickling once with a friend over 20 years ago. I would try it again if my cucumber plants were more successful and I had a good and easy recipe. What I do with green peppers is to freeze them clean and cut-up, then I have them on hand all winter when I cook.

This past month has kept me busy making herb butters; so far italian, rosemary, poultry and parsley butters. Italian butter is made with chopped up basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary and parsley mixed with butter. You can either freeze it in wax paper in a slinger shape and cut off slices as you need them or put it in jars and keep it in the fridge. Poultry butter is made with chopped up sage, rosemary, thyme and parsley. I have already started using them to make some delicious sauces.

What I will be doing probably all of September is making homemade tomato sauce; it is one of my daughter’s favourites. The key is I have a machine that my mother purchased for me that skins and seeds the tomatoes fresh; it makes it so easy. No need to blanch and peel and seed. I take the fresh tomatoes and make lots of containers of sauce for my freezer. For this sauce, I use fresh basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary and parsley then add garlic and spices; I cut the herbs so that you can still see the beautiful green colour.

September is great to enjoy the bounty of our labour with BBQ’s

and the colours of fall seen from our yards and decks.



Marsha Brick owns

Marsha Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture

Enjoy the bounty fall has to offer!

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