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Shop Today. Sleep Tonight.

When I came home, I was so looking forward to sleeping in my own Hypnos bed. Being away and staying with relatives I was sleeping in their spare bedroom. In two of the three places I was sleeping in their old bed that they had placed in the extra bedroom. There was a reason that they had replaced their bed and that reason still exists.

I had forgotten about my back problems and waking up numerous times throughout the night. Within the first night I was home, my back pain was gone and I was sleeping through the night because the Hypnos Mattress and Box Spring are all natural and stay cool at night. It has no memory foam that heats up and forms body impression.

Going away made me realize how important it is a great mattress to get proper support and comfort. I am now in my new location and have two of the Hypnos Mattresses and Box Springs on display so that you can come and try them. I have moved out of the exchange district into an apartment in Osborne Village which has lots of visitor parking and it’s free. No more having to drive around and look for parking and having to pay and watching your time. On my way home, I did make a stop in Toronto and went to both Brentwood Classics and Barrymore Furniture. I bought a new chair from each of my manufacturer, both ln the new fabrics that are coming out at the end of February or Mar ch. The place is now set-up and you come and see our great Canadian products from Brentwood Classics, Bermax and Durham Furniture. I am waiting for my new chair to arrive from Barrymore Furniture from Toronto, Ontario.

I am now working on an appointment system for when you come down so that I can work with the hours that suit you best. Just call or email to set-up a time that works for you. If you happen to be out in Osborne Village you can always call to see if I am in and come over. I will be in most days during the week.

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