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By Marsha Brick

It seems every December I have a price increase from Hypnos. That is true again this year; so those of you thinking about buying your new mattress the time is now to come in and check out the Hypnos mattress.

This is the same brand the Queen sleeps on and has for over 45 years. She awarded them her

Royal Warrant which they have had for over 40 years; after using the mattress for only five years. When you see her at 93 able to keep working and all her walking about there must be something that helps her and getting a good night sleep on her Hypnos Mattress certainly contributed.

Hypnos also had the Queen Mother Royal Warrant until her death at 101 years old. This tells how good a sleep these mattresses will give you.

Hypnos Mattresses are in every royal residence own by the Queen and as well Buckingham Palace, and Windsor Castle; which means most members of the Royal Family also have Hypnos Mattresses.

Why do I keep talking about these mattresses? The bed has c h a n g e d my sleeping pattern into a much more regular and rem sleep pattern. Before I had my Hypnos, I did not sleep well and was waking up 4 times a night every 90 minutes. I never had a proper sleep and was always tired. After having this mattress, I was sleeping 5 to 6 hours straight though and waking up refreshed. I became a morning person and would do work in my garden in the

summer and cooking in the winter. I also come to work early 3 or 4 times a week and go to the gym in the building where the store is. I have never gone to a gym before I had this mattress.

This mattress is made with all natural fibers, Wool and Cotton. Some of the other models have

silk as well and one model has wool, cotton, silk and cashmere. This bed stays cool at night and these mattresses have no memory form which get hot at night.

Black Friday Sale coming soon!



Marsha Brick owns Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture

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