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By Marsha Brick

A gentleman who had come into the store last week for a visit told me his son had just moved out and had limited money for furniture. I told him there are two better quality pieces of

furniture that are a necessity.

First is a good sofa. It is the one piece that will be used every day; to sit on it to watch tv, and when company comes over. The second piece that demands high quality is a good mattress. It lets a person get a good night’s sleep and proper rest to be productive at work and play.

I have sofas that are at a reasonable price from Brentwood Classics. There are 3 on sale under $2,000.00 in grade 2 fabric with over 40 fabrics to choose from. These sofas all have loose cushions made with sinuous springs that can be turned to get double the wear. The Landon Sofa’s regular price in Grade 2 is $1,809.00. It is on sale for $1,447.00. The Hudson Sofa and Jackson Sofa regular price in Grade 2 is $1,869.00 and is on sale for $1,495.00. The Finley Sofa and Grayson sofa regular price in Grade 2 is $2,019.00 and is on sale for $1,615.00. Brentwood Classics provides a Custom Upholstery Program for sofas. There

are 2 sofas in the store for you try from Custom Upholstery Program. The Custo Upholstery Program are made with web coil systems and their options available are 16 different arms,

3 different legs, 4 different stains for the legs and 12 different nail head options. The sofa is in a grade 2 regular price of $3,039.00 and on sale is $2,431.00.

When it comes to getting a good night sleep, we recommend the Hypnos Mattress, an all-natural flip able mattress which is the bed I personally sleep on. The Clarence from The Castle Series for a Queen Size Box Spring and Mattress regular priceis $3,400.00 and on sale $2,760.00.

This mattress fits regular sheets and has cotton and wool that stay cool at

night. I have this mattress in the store for you to try see how comfortabl they are.



Marsha Marsha Brick owns

Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture

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