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Good news! I am working on having the Hypnos Mattresses on display shortly. There will be a decision made by next week. I have had many calls in the last couple of months from people wanting to come and try the mattresses; but wanting to wait until it was safe to do so. With stores reopening, the time has come for you to try this excellent Hypnos mattress that Queen Elizabeth has been sleeping on for over 40 years. You can call me at 204-957-1211 or email for more information.

Last week it was sunny and hot and this week it has been raining most evenings; the only good thing is it waters my plants. I been able to pick and use some of my vegetables and herbs. Other vegetable and fruits are showing rapid grow and I should have a bumper crop later in the season.

I have been going to the Pan-Am Clinic for Physio for the last four weeks twice a week. One time for my knees for arthritic treatment and for acupuncture every six months. I had wait until the clinic reopened. Normally I have 2 to 3 sessions and I am ready to go with having to wait an extra couple of months it took to have 4 sessions.

The other time I am going to Pan-am for physio for a different therapy, I was in a minor car accident on April 30, where someone went through a stop sign and hit the back of my car. The next day my back and neck were hurting. There are getting a little better every week.

With all opening of businesses, it is time to remember to still follow social distancing, so that we can maintain being safe. The city and province have done an incredible job of keeping our numbers low. When you look across the border at North Dakota with much smaller population and they number over 2,600 cases and over 60 deaths with a population of 762,000. Manitoba had 300 cases and 7 deaths in our population of 1,369,000. We have been doing everything right here.



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Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture

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There is no association between Brick’s Fine Furniture & The Brick

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