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By Marsha Brick

I have been talking about the need to place an order for Weiman Furniture Cream. I keep

getting asked questions regarding the benefits and use of the cream. This is the description directly

from Weiman Furniture Cream container.

It is specially formulated with four natural oils that gently clean, moisturize, condition and protect fine wood furniture. It soaks deep into each pore, enhancing the natural beauty, luster and shine of

wood grain.

Some of the highlight of the product are:

• Cleanses away dirt, dust, grime and Smoke residue

• UVX-15 Sunscreen prevents drying, fading, checking and discolouration

• Preserves wood and protects it from aging

• Contains no silicone

Recommended for: All types of wood surfaces including antique wood, furniture, tables, chairs, office/bedroom furniture, cabinets, panels, doors and trim.

Directions: Apply to a soft, clean, damp cloth then wipe on the surface. Rub in a circular motion until polish has penetrated the surface.Dry and bluff using a cleansoft cloth.”

We have been selling this product for over 20 years and it was recommended to my parents by

the owner of Gibbard Furniture. Gibbard was founded in 1835 in Napanee Ontario and was

one of the finest wood furniture manufacturers in Canada. They provided furniture for every

Canadian embassy around the world.

Weiman couldn’t ask for a better recommendation!

The size of the bottle is 8 oz and I will be calling you once your order comes in.

The cut off date for ordering is April 3 so that I can have it here mid to late April.



Marsha Brick owns

Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture

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