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Summer is here!

By Marsha Brick

Summer is now here, and we have had a nice little heat wave.

July is usually festival month like the fringe, folk festival and lots of street fests through out our city and around Manitoba. They are now doing some virtual festivals which is great so we can enjoy some of events. But like all of us, I miss being there in person.

Look what is happening a across the border the last couple of weeks. I know we all hate wearing masks, and we have a lower curve in Manitoba; our number for Covid-19 patients is getting better. Continue with wearing your mask and washing your hands to be on the safe side.

I have family in the States who want to come and see their parents and cannot; they are sad but understand their numbers are much higher than ours.

I have had a couple of friends ask me to come and visit in rural Manitoba at their cottage. I might take a day trip as I am needing to take long car ride and this way I have a place to go visit with social distance and then go home later.

I am still working checking emails, answering the phone and returning messages. I am also doing insurance quotes and helping clients find what they are looking for from me or if not, who will have what they are looking for.

That just happen this past week. A client was looking to replace her table pads, and someone passed along my name to them. I am going to see her to get a tracing for her table as it is different shape from the square corner tables. Since she purchased her original tables pads there is now an option for colours on both the top and bottom.

I am also arranging to meet clients looking to try out the Hypnos Mattress at Interior Illusions. You can call me to make appointment 204-957-1211 or email

Lets all of us have great summer and stay safe.



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