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By Marsha Brick

Summer in Manitoba brings many beautiful sunsets. At home we can look out our window and enjoy the view, depending where the furniture is positioned in the room. An easy solution to get the best view is with a swivel chair; you can change position to face the sofa

and coffee table or you can spin the chair around to look out the window and see what is happening outside. This works great in the home and even better at the cottage.

At the cottage with no street lights, our views are amazing and breath taking. The swivel chair lets you move yourself into the perfect spot to see those wonderful sunrises and sunsets. You are also able to watch the children whether they are inside or playing outside. Swivel chairs also let you face the TV when a sporting event or movie is playing, or you can turn around

and be part of an intimate seating arrangement.

As you can see this chair has multiple uses in your living room, family room, great room or the

“man cave”. My mother bought me two swivel chairs for my last big birthday and I use them every day; they face the sofa so that I can talk with a guest or turn around to watch tv.

We currently have 3 different models for you to try. All are on a promotion for fabrics. There are 9 different swivel chair options from Brentwood Classics. We had to have 8 chairs from the Brentwood Chair Gallery Program on display to take advantage of this special promotion pricing; we have 9 chairs, 5 swivel and 4 stationaries.

The leather Chairs from Brentwood Classics are on sale until the end of July with a 25% discount off the regular price.

Barrymore Furniture swivels as well are on sale with 25% off the regular price.

For those who hate to exercise, swivel chairs help your circulation as you move your legs to position your chair in the right spot.

Who says you can’t get your exercise and entertainment at the same time?



Marsha Brick owns

Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture

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